Origami Applications by Jun Mitani

ORIPA: Origami Pattern Editor

A drawing software dedicated to designing the crease patterns of origami. The unique feature of ORIPA is calculation of the folded shape from the pattern.

ORI-REVO: A Design Tool for 3D Origami of Revolution

The shapes generated with ORI-REVO are based on the surface of revolution (rotational sweep). Not only shapes similar to packages for cakes we sometimes see, but also shapes which have curved surfaces are designed with this software.

ORI-REVO-MORPH: An animation viewer for ORI-REVO models

ORI-REVO-MORPH is a tiny application which shows an unfolding/folding animation of a 3D origami designed with ORI-REVO as shown in above movie.
Although the models designed with ORI-REVO are not rigid-foldable, ORI-REVO-MORPH generates an acceptable unfolding/folding animation by continuously changing the location of some crease lines while keeping the shape of a sheet constant.

ORI-REF: A Design Tool for Curved Origami based on Reflection

ORI-REF is a software with which a user can easily design a shape of a curved origami. The designing starts from a simple developable surface such as a cylinder or a cone. The user picks a point on a surface, and then drag. The folded shape is automatically generated by implicitly applying a reflection operation. The designed shape has planar curved folds.

(c) Jun Mitani